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Fully Insured & Certified by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)

We offer fully edited 4K cinema quality aerial  film production and photos of your business or event and survey services using the latest high resolution cameras. Video content is a key component of any business digital marketing strategy. A short one – two minute video gives the viewer an understanding of your business and an awareness of your products and services. Our Aerial Photographers are highly trained fully insured and certified by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)

Aerial photography & video is an excellent way to build your reputation as a developer or construction company by documenting the success of past construction projects, and clearly showing the scope of current projects as they progress.  Aerial photos can show a project from beginning to end, establishing a timeline and documenting critical stages of development.

Any construction project is a major undertaking that requires detailed construction project documentation.  This documentation should include a wide range of information, including preconstruction, contracts, and progress reports. It’s important to thoroughly document each step of the project, both to have a record of a successful project and critical information in case any problems develop.  Detailed aerial photographs & video of each stage of the project may help pinpoint the source of a problem or oversight, and provide valuable information in the case of legal proceedings.

Digital aerial photos are an easy way to share information on a project’s progress when interested parties are in multiple locations, giving project managers the ability to easily post or share visual progress reports online.  These photos can highlight details that are not visible from the ground, as well as providing an overall view of the project to keep everyone involved in the project involved up to date.

David Norton Photography can provide detailed construction progress documentation in accurate, high-quality digital aerial photos & video of your site.  These photos & videos will not only be valuable as current project documentation, but might form the foundation of your next marketing campaign.

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